FDA Enforcement Manual

Understand the full range of the FDA’s enforcement powers, and find out how to most effectively manage inspections, Warning Letters and other interactions with agency enforcement officials.

Guide to Good Clinical Practice

Make sure that your clinical research stays in compliance with the Common Rule and other federal and state requirements, and access guidance to help you conform to Good Clinical Practice standards.

FDA Advertising and  Promotion Manual

Gain insight into the exacting FDA and Federal Trade Commission requirements that govern the advertising and promotion of food and medical products.

Guide to Medical Device Regulation

Stay up to date on the statutes, regulations and guidance affecting medical devices to help you bring your products to market quickly and stay in compliance throughout their life cycles.

Guide to U.S. Food  Labeling Law

Quickly access the information you need to ensure that the information and claims on the packaging and labeling of your food products and dietary supplements comply with FDA and USDA requirements.